The Entire Renovation

The Entire Renovation, from start to finish. Whatever your vision for your office renovation, we’re here to help you achieve it. As experts in interior design, we see the potential for your space and we have the knowledge to understand all of the underlying structural considerations and planning required to make it everything you want and need it to be. Learn more about the difference between interior design and interior decorating.

When you are renovating we become your start-to-finish partner in achieving your goals for your office in both how it looks and how it functions for your people and their productivity. This includes finding the perfect furniture, fixtures, and flooring, whether we source everything new or work with some of your existing pieces.

Studio Forma’s process allows us to manage the design and oversee its implementation until the project is complete. The key steps we’ll take to make this happen are:

1. Getting to Know What You and Your Business Need from Your Workspace

You talk, we listen. Together, we’ll walk through your space and discuss the challenges you’re struggling to solve, plans for future growth, and the look you want. We consider how everything relates to each other, including:

2. Planning Your Space & Technical Drawings

We’ll measure your space and begin the design. Once you approve the layout concept, we create a 3D model so you can visualize how it will look with the new colours, furniture, wall placement, and the overall flow and flexibility. We then generate the technical drawings that the contractor needs to quote and complete the work. Typically this includes: the base building plan, demolition plan, partition and millwork plan, reflected ceiling plan, power and communications plan, furniture plan, and finishes plan.

3. Specify and Procure Furniture, Finishes, and Fixtures

Finding the right solutions for furniture, lighting, acoustics, and flooring is where we put our expertise to work next. We have the product knowledge and industry connections to get you budget-friendly pricing and we think of everything right down to the kitchen sink and the soap dispenser next to it. We manage the entire process from specification and ordering to installation and handling any concerns you may have. The true added value of our Complete Package is that you can leverage our expertise to get the right pieces and to manage them through to the end while staying on budget.

4. Coordinate with the Contractor

We do site visits throughout the project and resolve any issues, questions, or discrepancies, and when the time is right, we coordinate the installation of your new furniture and any other elements that require specialized service such as some types of flooring.

5. Final Inspection

We make sure the vision has been realized and your new office is as expected based on the design, including checking the furniture to ensure it is correct and properly installed. We’ll also assemble the specification package that you keep for future reference, a veritable guidebook to your new office and everything in it.

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