The Newmarket Olive Oil Company

As a third location for Newmarket Olive Oil, the stall in Market & Co in Newmarket required a unique design to attract customers and make the most of the limited space. The stall needed to be functional with ample retail storage, while also being visually appealing to draw people in.

We worked with the Newmarket Olive Oil team to design a stall that maximized every inch of space. The result was a unique and inviting stall that showcases the company’s products and attracts customers. We incorporated a variety of textures and finishes, such as wood and metal, to create a rustic yet modern look that reflects the brand.

The stall was designed to allow for easy customer access to the products, while also providing ample storage for inventory. We utilized vertical space with custom shelving and designed a display that showcases the variety of oils and vinegars offered by Newmarket Olive Oil.

Lighting was an important factor in the design, as it can make or break the ambiance of a small space. We incorporated lighting that highlights the products and creates a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Overall, the design of the Newmarket Olive Oil stall in Market & Co is functional, visually appealing, and reflects the brand. It is a unique and inviting space that draws customers in and encourages them to explore the company’s products.

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